A Brief History Of HGH

The history of HGH is pretty interesting, especially when you consider the myriad of conditions it can treat. If you’ve been thinking about using this hormone for medical purposes or because you know it can deliver outstanding muscle building results, you should educate yourself on its history. People use it a lot differently now than they did in the 1950’s, when it was first discovered.

This is not a comprehensive history of the human growth hormone and its abilities, but it will explain why weight lifters love it so much, and why athletes are often willing to risk their reputations to use it. This might not be the right product for you, but if you’re looking for a supplement to make you stronger, leaner, and in some ways — younger, you might want to learn more about it.

The essential HGH compound is somatrotropin, which is a hormone that controls how your body grows. The front part of the pituitary gland produces this hormone, and when you’re young, your body will produce a lot of it naturally. As you get older, the amount of this hormone that you produce is dramatically reduced. That means your body stops growing on its own.

Initially, the human growth hormone was prescribed to children who seemed to lack the physical ability to develop on schedule, or to grow normally. Patients who were detected to have some kind of deficiency in the way they produced hormones were also given HGH, and eventually it was used to treat people who suffered from cancer, HIV/AIDS, and other diseases with symptoms that included muscle wasting.

While the medical uses for HGH were popular and effective, it soon began to serve another purpose. The first documented case of it being used as a performance enhancing drug was in the 1980’s. Athletes discovered that it helped them to improve their workouts, compete with more fierceness, and manage their weight. Competitors began to use it freely, until it was banned by nearly every professional and amateur organization managing sports. Today, it’s illegal to use HGH in many countries without a doctor’s prescription.

Soon, another use for this powerful hormone was discovered – the pursuit of youth. People began to look and feel younger when they took HGH, and word spread quickly. There’s an increase in energy, metabolism, and even mood when you’re taking this product. While it may not stop the aging process, many people will swear by its ability to make you look better and feel at least 10 years younger.

As the purpose of HGH has evolved over the years, it has become increasingly popular. The list of benefits to the product continues to grow. It can help you get over a terrible illness, restore your health and vitality, and give you the upper hand in the gym or on the competition circuit. The final evolution has been in the creation of supplements that are similar to HGH, but safer and completely legal. You can now reap the benefits without breaking the law.